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[04 May 2006|04:07pm]
happy birthdays all day long. hugs with everyone. the only one that really mattered was yours. i found it adorable as i rested my hand on your knee at lunch you just put your hand on mine and squeezed it. whispering happy birthday.you work tonight and i would go bother you but there is no way i want to wait until 7:30 to eat. im a hungry girl. i like cake, i told you i'd share with you. we giggled about the mexican invasion and you look me in the eyes. and the touching and the talking but there was no kissing and it was okay.

today is my birthday and i am sixteen. i dont feel older or wiser. but i do feel differnt. i am full of live and i just want to live and do something exciting and crazy everday. i want to be outgoing and be a good student. i want to change things. i dont to be known as "that scene girl" or "the drunk girl" i want to be known for me, not what i look like or the things i do. im sixteen, a year older. i will not fuck this year up on maybes and could have beens.

[03 May 2006|06:44pm]
my birthday is tommorw. for this i am excited. i really dont feel any different. sixteen. but im not having on of those lavish over the top parties. im going to my best friends house because her and her mom made me a cake. im coming home and having cake with my family. that will be it. i just hope people dont sing to me tommorw because i always get red in the face when they do.i burnt my fingers today and they kill. i slept all day and that was amazing, and when i wasnt asleep i just layed there because moving was overrated.it was a good day.

friends only! [11 Aug 2004|10:58pm]

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